Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Principle

TAIWAN YUASA insists on??integrity, professional, innovation to manage the business to reach to goals of ?sustainability , internationalization . Providing the world-class quality environmentallyfriendly energy。

Ethical principles of business

  • Provide stable production and service.
  • Fair, transparent, free contentions and fair transactions.
  • Manage information properly, and positively make information to the public with justice.
  • Devoted to participating environmental movement.
  • Respect for different specialty and personality of employees.
  • Abide by laws, rules and regulations.
  • Follow the international standard.
  • Respect for Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Devoted to participating charitable activities.

Environmental Protection

Taiwan Yuasa is vehicles and sealed batteries industrial company.
We are not only devoted to decreasing wastewater, exhaust gas, sludge, lead slug, dust, and noise which cause environment and health damage during manufacturing process, but also developing more safety and ecofriendly batteries and products.
We insist the concept of social responsibility and sustainability, sustain efforts to promote environmental safety manage system, participate in improving safety and environmental protection, and refuse to purchase any conflict minerals (3TG) from
Republic of the Congo or its surrounding countries to sustain social environmental responsibility.
Our promise
  • Obey and execute the law of environment, health, safety and concerned demands.
  • Make good use of preventing polution methods, save energy, and reduce waste.
  • Improve manufacturing process and working environment, achieve better environment, health, and safety.
  • Provide educational training of environment, health, and safety to all staff, suppliers, and contractors.
  • Enhance communication with staff, clients, suppliers, contractors, residents, costumers, and other stakeholders.

Carbon footprint reduction

  • Use VFD, heat pump facilities, and LED lighting devices.
  • Publicize turning lights off during break time and off hours.
  • Set moderate temperature of the air-conditioners.
  • Water recycling and reuse. Water efficient faucets implement.
  • Casting machines LPG efficiency improvement, and burners regular inspection.
  • Lead recycling and reuse.
  • Green power purchase.

Corporate commitment

Taiwan Yuasa Battery Co., Ltd. is a company in the business of the designing, development and manufacturing of lead-acid batteries and provides the relevant services.

The quality policies of the company are:

Employee Care

The employees are the most valuable assets to TAIWAN YUASA. We complied with relevant labor laws and regulations, and establishes internal rules and measures to protect the legal rights and interests of employees. We care our employees that we are devoted to provide comfortable facilities for a joyful working environment for employees.

Employee Benefits
The Employee Welfare Committee:Annual incentive travel, holiday vouchers for the three important Chinese holidays.
Workers Mutual Aid Association:Providing emergency assistance payment, marriage grant.

Training Development
Annual employee education and training to enhance staff expertise and skills.

Employee Health & Safety
Annual health check.
Annual fire safety educational training.

Retirees Fraternity
Retired employees Group Association, regularly held parties contact feelings each other.

Social Participation

Compassion Association
Employees donate part of the salary every month voluntary to orphanages, social welfare foundations, philanthropic foundations, children's homes, nursing institutions, burns foundations, etc.

Contributions for Kaohsiung gas explosions
When Kaohsiung gas explosions happened, we instantly get benevolent actions and donated 2 million NT dollars for rescuing funds.

Recruit people with disabilities
For whom we provide a variety of opportunities and friendly environment. We have been awarded annually from Yilan county government since 2011.